TÓCE Glasgow ltd has created and published the website toceglasgow.com with the mission to offer a service exclusively for its own Clients. The products on sale on the website toceglasgow.com are destined to the Final Customer. By “Final Customer” toceglasgow.com intends person or persons who do not operate their own entrepreneurial nor professional activities that may include but not limited to the re-sale of merchandise purchased at toceglasgow.com. Therefore, toceglasgow.com requests Users who are not considered a “Final Customer” to refrain from attempting to establish business relations with toceglasgow.com nor use accounts of third parties to forward purchase orders relative to the merchandise on sale. In regard to the commercial policy described above, toceglasgow.com reserves the right to not process orders from persons that are not the Final Customer and any other orders that are not in conformity with the said commercial policies. toceglasgow.com reserves the right to decline to process an order and/or offer services to anyone at any time. toceglasgow.com reserves the right to decline an order in the event that the order does not receive express verification or approval from the Client’s bank. toceglasgow.com reserves the right to delay a shipment if the order is not able to be shipped for reasons beyond our control. Please note that during promotions and sales there may be delays in immediate shipping. Orders placed separately will be shipped separately. Once your order has been placed, you will receive an email acknowledging the details of your order. This email is NOT an acceptance of your order, just a confirmation that we have received it. Unless you cancel your order, acceptance of your order and completion of the contract between you and toceglasgow.com will be completed when we email you that the goods have been dispatched. Neither our third party payment processor nor our nominated courier has the authority to accept an order on behalf of toceglasgow.com. We reserve the right not to accept your order in the event, for example, that we are unable to obtain authorization for payment, that shipping restrictions apply to a particular item, that the item ordered is out of stock or does not satisfy our quality control standards and is withdrawn, or that you do not meet the eligibility criteria set out within the Policy. We may also refuse to process and therefore accept a transaction for any reason or refuse service to anyone at any time at our sole discretion. We will not be liable to you or any third party by reason of our withdrawing any merchandise from toceglasgow.com whether or not that merchandise has been sold, removing, screening or editing any materials or content on toceglasgow.com, refusing to process a transaction or unwinding or suspending any transaction after processing has begun.